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MTS 14 - Round 2 - Civilian Lost Star by mishihime MTS 14 - Round 2 - Civilian Lost Star by mishihime

Bullet; Orange Round 2: Civilian - Sailor Lost Star No Star 

Codename Lost Star is a ancient senshi who fought in the "Sailor Wars", a conflict that raged across countless planets outside our solar system long before the peaceful Silver Millennium. As I progress through Miss Top Senshi, I will reveal more and more about her story, up unto the present day where all of our beloved canon senshi protect the Earth. With that being said, most of the stories I'll be posting are essentially tales of Lost Star's past life, including this one...

No Star CHAPTER 2 - Vividly, Secretly.

"Present Day"

Today was the big day.

Iris held up her violet dress in front of her, looking at herself in the mirror. “I should be happy...” she thought, but she wasn't. Maybe she was just nervous? She couldn't help feeling blue, but she wasn't sure why.

Ever since she came to Hesperides V, she ended up singing, acting, making friends and playing her flute, Souravli. These were things she'd never picture herself doing, although she always loved music, even back home. Looking in the mirror, she suddenly had a moment of self doubt. Was she really qualified to be in this play? She did know the role well enough and had dedicated herself to the physically demanding choreography the director wanted but still, she wasn't sure.

Acting, dancing, singing, these were things she always did just for fun, and she wasn't sure if she could make her dream of stardom a reality. She wondered, “Why now?” Why were these questions plaguing her now, right before her time to shine? She never put too much thought into her acting before. She did it because she felt the need to, because she wanted to entertain others and make them smile. When she practiced her songs, she thought about how much her mother and father would enjoy them. She had come a long way with her friends, but then she remembered, they weren't here anymore. “Maybe I would have been better off being where they are...” she thought “...instead of being alone in this city. I don't belong here.”

“No.” A little voice said inside her. “I'm still alive for a reason. To remember them. To find that women. To end this war.”

“To think I am a solider in the war and here I am worried about something so silly as a play.” She laughed at herself while choking back tears.

She hadn't felt this cold since right before the day she decided to enlist. She had the same thoughts then too. Do I really have any business doing this? It was hard for her to even admit she was a senshi. On her home star, there was only one time she was open with her powers. After that, she vowed to never use them again. Then, she immigrated to Hesperides, to start again, to build a new life. She thought coming her would allow her to escape and live her life as she did before this war ever started, but even on Hesperides the of death and suffering came. She could not ignore what was happening. Every day was a reminder of the hell she had already faced. That is why she turned to music. Music was the one thing they could never take away from her. Music was her angel, saving her from her pain.

But sometimes, even music wasn't enough. The spirit of her mother, father, and everyone she had ever known were still restless. “What could she do?”

“Nothing.” She thought.

Well that is how she felt, until that day she met her.

No Star CHAPTER 3 - An Everlasting Battle

2 Months Ago.

Sailor Tyche, legendary battalion commander of the Hesperides V forces. Iris had heard of her long before she had ever come to the artistic quarter of the city. The people spoke highly of her, saying she was fair, loyal, determined and hardworking. She was tan and tall. Her raven hair wrapped up in a ponytail. In her arms, there was a child. She smiled as the other children circled around her, looking up to their 'big sister'. It was easy to see that they idolized her even more than the native senshi of this world, Sailor Hesperides. Soon the adults gathered around, for they realized Tyche was not here for idle playtime.

"Sisters! Brothers!” Tyche started to speak and suddenly the crowd fell quiet. “I know that you are frightened, but we can not ignore what has happened to our sisters, Minos, Abadarius, Phytryon, Niobe, Semele and countless others. For too long we have carried on peacefully, such is our way, but we cannot be blind anymore. They are coming and we must prepare. We must defend this planet and hold strong. Hesperides has always been a peaceful sanctuary for those who are lost... " Tyche surveyed the room with her eyes, seemingly knowing who among the crowd had come here seeking refuge.

Iris, lost somewhere in the herd of people, felt very drawn to Tyche. She looked at Tyche's dark geniune eyes and noticed something all to familiar and frightening. Loss. She too had suffered, but unlike Iris, Tyche was determined to fight. She was ready to sacrifice everything to protect these people as if they were her children. Iris tried hard to hold back tears. For the past six months she had tried her best to forget what had happened to Mama and Papa, but she was wrong. It was disrespectful to their memory. They taught her everything and they were the ones who gave her music, her last important treasure. Even if it was painful, she did not want to try to forget what had happened anymore.

“Right now, the enemy is slaughtering everyone on Hesperides Star 5432. They are hurting daughters, sons, fathers and mothers.” Tyche continued.

“No!” the little voice inside of Iris screamed “I will not let it happen again. Never. No matter what!!”


There are some times where a person will feel the call of destiny. That is when you meet someone and you feel pulled towards them, as if you had known them for years and something about them seems to summon you. You are needed. You belong together. With only a glimpse or a simple conversation it can happen when you least expect.

Iris didn't realize, but that day her fate was tied.


No Star CHAPTER 4 -  I'll Show You Miracles and Dreams

"Present Day"

Iris slipped off her nightgown. She had about ten minutes to get ready and leave. Tonight, she would be in the most complex and intense production of her life and she would do it in front of thousands. Fondly, she looked at her orchid dress. It was just another uniform, just like her Sailor fuku. When she wore it, she would vividly, secretly, become another person.

"Be proud to be a sailor senshi!" Iris remembered Tyche's words.

"We were meant to be the world's last great protectors."

"Everything we do is important.”

“We must try to burn ourselves perfectly, just like the stars we've come from.”

All of Tyche's lessons rang through her mind.

"Burn myself perfectly..." Iris thought.

“Yes.” The little voice inside her agreed.  

Tonight she would pour her heart out in her songs and with her final dance. This time she would not be afraid to shine in front of everyone. It was her moment and even if Mama and Papa would never see her, she would dedicate her performance to them, even if it's a small thing. “Tonight is for myself, Mama, Papa, Everyone back home and...”

“Tyche.” the voice inside her said again.


There was no denying how she felt. Her feelings in the past two months had not changed. She wanted to follow her until the very end. Iris didn't care where it led to. She would follow Tyche... to the victory or the abyss. 

- End -

Bullet; Pink Artist's Notes

You may be thinking, this style looks a lot different from my last entry and you'd be right. Since this is the civilian round, I wanted this piece in particular to reflect the inner side of Iris' character. Her life is drama, performance, art, music, culture, all these ideas embrace feeling and I wanted to romanticize this portrait the way she sees life. This is why everything looks so painterly, like it has been worked by a French impressionist from the 19th century. Speaking of Impressionists, sometimes they were inspired by dancers and painted portraits of ballerinas, so this also ties into Iris' love of theater.

Don't forget, Iris was the Greek personification of the rainbow and I will keep alluding to this whenever I draw her. Hesperides 5, with its warm climate does appear a little more colorful (and has a different atmosphere) than our Earth. However, I'd like to think Lost Star herself sees things a little more vibrantly in her mind. Lost Star is like a prism that reflects all the light and fires it into a thousand different colors. She was raised in a nurturing and caring world where people respect and preserve beauty. The priorities of the people are different from our world. Emotions are not seen as weakness. Art is not seen as a childish hobby. Creative people are seen as useful, because they keep morale up, ease people's stress, draw people together and fuel a physically / mentally healthy society. The stigmas from our world do not exist there, so the people can be bold and fully express themselves without fear of being looked down upon. This freedom to feel like you can fully open yourself up and express what is in your heart would be extremely beneficial to Iris, because her powers (like most senshi) are directly tied to her emotions and Star Seed (Soul).

Bullet; Green Credits
Artwork, Story & "Lost Star" (c) mishihime
Dedicated to my Mom for her birthday.
Sailor Senshi (c) Sailor Moon / Naoko Takeuchi
Drawing references provided by faestock
For Miss-Top-Senshi 2014

Rainbow Rose Thank you for reading, commenting & adding this to your favorites!
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ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Mishi, I'm blown away! Seriously, this is beautiful!  I absolutely adore the light texture and the shadows framing her neck. Also the whimsical paint slashes in the back are such a gorgeous touch to the piece that I don't know what else to say.
mishihime Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really glad you like the painty look. It's amazing that I can even make stuff look like that in a digital program. I'm so thankful to live in this age sometimes. As an artist, I am practically unlimited by the tools I have and of course the internet led me to you too. ^_^ I'll have to show you Krita sometime, you could do even more with it, you're super creative and not afraid to take your art in different directions.
ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
I will have to say that it is very impressionist like, and I can tell the difference of it in the last picture you did which is pretty awesome.

I know! It's crazy to how many tools we have and what we can do with them.

Oh my goodness you are amazing, same here, you truly are an inspiring artist and I don't just say that to boost egos. If I hadn't then I wouldn't meet the awesome Sailor Sun and the rest of your pretty original characters.

/Goes to look up Krita./ Oh wow! Is that like SAI? I really like the fact that it has a nice workspace.

I'm learning to push my art forward, you have been really helpful with getting me out of my comfort zone. I like it when people push me to try other things. :3
mishihime Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Krita is still a bit awkward for me. It's more like Photoshop / Illustrator just with a ton of built in brushes. For my entry I used a combo of Sai / Krita. Sai has a few options for texture on their brushes but it's not the same as Krita. Krita's brushes look like real live traditional supplies. There's everything from pastels to sponges and stuff. It's still kinda unstable on my computer and I have to keep the brushes small otherwise there's a huge delay. I imagine they are working on these issues.... but it's free so it's worth a shot if you want to experiment super quick. Really, I jump back and forth between all my programs and I only really use Photoshop for the end (boosting colors with vibrance, and saving my files, effects, stuff like that.)
ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Ah I see, thank you! Yea, I have photoshop right now and it eats up a TON of processing space. I want to get rid of it, but I am super comfortable with it now that I am scared to use anything else. So now I really want to try get Krita but I am not sure how much space it will eat up. (If I were to download it with Photoshop would that be a bad idea?)
mishihime Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure how much ram you have available, but it cant hurt to try it out. I use it all the time and just consider Krita and Sai additions to my arsenal so to speak. Basically, since I only have 3 gigs of RAM and Windows 7 likes to eat 1.5 gb ish just to run the OS i'm limited on memory too. I usually am okay if I make sure other programs aren't running. If I have my browser, I only have one or two tabs open. What eats up memory quickly is having a lot of layers. I usually flatten / merge a lot of layers together periodically and try to keep the files small.

In case you're wondering about hardrive space, my Krita program folder is only 270mbs so that's pretty small imo. As long as I keep the brush sizes down it seems to work fine even on my old computer. :p It's a little weird to get used to, but it's not to bad. Most graphics programs are sorta modeled off Photoshop, so like Sai for instance, has a lot of the same features and hotkeys. Both Sai and Krita can import PSD files too, it's just not all the layer effects will work (unless you flatten the layer) so it's best to save those for last. Basic layer modes like 'multiply' work in both programs it's just the fancy stuff like drop shadow stuff like that can be a little iffy. You get used to it pretty quick and it doesn't seem to be an issue for me really. :p

Of course it's up to you. Photoshop is a pretty amazing program in it's own right. :D
ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Thank you for telling me this! (Sorry for not answering, I forget to reply back!) I am always interested in new programs considering Photoshop's software is fantastic, but it does take up a lot space. That and I always love using new brushes (that way I'm not sifting through peoples brushes in order to find ones that I like.)
WanderingKotka Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
The colors here are simply stunning!  The pastel-like texture is a fantastic choice for the subject.  Gabi's right, there's definitely a bit of Degas to this!  The pose is so lovely and feminine too.  

Beautiful work!
mishihime Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep! You and Gabi are right. I totally studied up on Degas for this. I remembered his "Four Dancers" painting from other art history courses i've taken. I wanted a dash of that plus a little whimsical fantasy. This time in Iris' life is really high spirited despite the war and I wanted that to show through. :D
iLantiis Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The way you improve with each work is impressive! I love this piece!
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