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February 14, 2013
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#Miss-Top-Senshi R1 - Sailor Sun by mishihime #Miss-Top-Senshi R1 - Sailor Sun by mishihime
This is my enry for Miss-Top-Senshi I think i've leveled up compared to last year when I competed in OSI. Wish me luck!

Sailor Sun looks toward the sky. It is the end of her first day as a reborn senshi. She contemplates her mission and mentally prepares herself for the hard road ahead. Tomorrow, it will all begin. First, she must pursue Sailor Moon and seek out each senshi living on Earth. Closing her eyes as the sun sets, she knows that (ironically) her kingdom too has also fallen. However, there will be no time to recover from the past. Even though it feels like yesterday... hundreds...maybe thousands of years have passed and everyone is gone. "Except me.."

Sailor Sun

:star: Name: Unknown.
Goes by the alias of "Starlight"

:star: Age: 15
Appears to have a 15 year old body. However, it has been kept asleep for centuries so actuality she is much older.

:star: Birthday: None.
The computer has determined that physiologically, Starlight is one year older than the inner senshi at this time.

:star: Likes: As much as the life of a senshi is difficult, burdensome and lonely she fully enjoys it. Even though her memory is fuzzy, she can recall the life she led as princess, being reduced to a mere beautiful socialite, never accomplishing anything. The adventure here in this new world, the heat of battle, these are all things that make her feel 'alive'.

She loves slipping out into the night every chance she gets, meeting new people and discovering the night life. This planet amazes her and she hopes one day to really connect with someone on it. Also, she enjoys the feel of leaping and falling off tall buildings. Most of the time she is rather high up, looking out at the people or sky.

:star: Dislikes: After her 'rebirth' (which was really just waking up to discover that most of her body had been replaced with essentially computer parts) Sailor Sun leads a very restrictive life solely focusing on her duties as senshi. She is forced to spend most of her time residing in a small inter-dimensional space, invisible to human eyes. She detests being constantly restrained by the computer in what feels like a prison. The lack of freedom is almost madding and she hates it more than anything else.

The other thing that really bothers her is the loss of her country, the Kingdom of Sundaria. She still doesn't really have much memory or knowledge of what happened to end the peace of the Silver Millennium. Secretly, she is a bit jealous that Usagi and the inner senshi had the privilege of enjoying a happy life on this planet, while she was denied the same luxury. Sometimes, when she sees the people of Earth having what looks like a carefree existence, she gets a little depressed.

:star: Personality: Starlight is a bit cold in the beginning of my fan story. She has just lost her home and is thrust into a strange alien planet where she knows literally no one, so it's understandable. With her new cybernetic body, she also has difficulty knowing herself so she always seems very detached compared to the other senshi.

Normally, she has a very exciting, intense and rebellious personality. She is willing to take large risks and fight alone without fear of self harm. Right now, she is not yet a leader (but one day she will be). For now, she is content to hiding in the shadows, searching for what must be found, carefully watching over the city as a silent protector. Eventually, she will come to know the world around her, become very social able and enjoy trying many of the strange things Earth has to offer (thank you, Usagi).


:star: Attacks
In Sailor Moon R - Alternate Story, Sailor Sun's star seed is the Golden Crystal as opposed to Endymion being the carrier. Also, she can harness the power from her senshi team - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Earth. Her element can be classified as light, not fire. In this form, her magical attacks are extremely basic and weak, but keep in mind it is her natural and physical abilities that make her strong. She has more powers than what's written here, but these are appropriate for her first form.

:bulletorange: Sun Light Kira Kira Bomb! - A small unstable ball of light that can only be held for less than a minute before detonation. Sailor sun can manifest this energy from her star seed or the sun itself by pure will and concentration. As she focuses, the ball itself seems to be made up from many different chains of light.

:bulletorange: Sun Tiara - Similar to Sailor Moon's ability, Sailor Sun can also throw her tiara at the enemy, but it is an extremely weak and rarely used attack.

:bulletorange: Sun Healing Halation - Similar to Sailor Moon's attack (Moon Healing Escalation) with the Moon Stick, Sailor Sun is able to purify an enemy poisoned by negative sun spot energy.

:bulletorange: Sailor Kick (x2) - A throwback to the original Sailor V attack. Sailor Sun rarely preforms this attack but sometimes it's in unison with Sailor Moon. Used only for comic relief or very desperate times


:bulletorange: Because of her cybernetic body, Sailor Sun is extremely damage resistant. Under her skin is a metallic suit and other various implants. The suit and fuku are semi integrated. Her boots are made out of the same material as her suit and have a jet propulsion system.

:bulletorange: Sailor Sun was born on the Sun of our solar system and can withstand extreme temperatures. Elemental fire damage would have literally no effect on her. Being around or near fire enhances her latent psychic abilities.

More Sailor Sun

Sailor Sun - Reference Sheet by mishihime 

Artwork & "Sailor Sun" (c) mishihime
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Please do not copy or post my artwork without permission.
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ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
This is really fascinating! Your the first sun senshi I actually quite enjoy. What I really like about her most is even though she is robotic she still is quite ambitious and determined. That and the picture itself is beautiful, I really like the mixture between realistic and animation.
mishihime Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. I've always enjoyed blending western and Japanese elements together. I noticed your entry as well and it's nicely done. A lot more unique and in depth than some other senshi I have seen. I realize Sailor Sun is considered a 'cliche' character so I'm glad you liked my version. I appreciate it.
ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Why thank you! Your welcome as well X3
KaliannShevlin Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
This bio was great and the image is so realistic
Madmangamer364 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
This certainly did come along from the spot where I last saw it. I must say that I'm still fairly amazed at the result, even though I saw a lot of the process. I guess one of the main reasons for that is because I didn't get to see how well the colors came out. It looks like your experiment with the coloring process resulted in a very pleasing look. You really worked on bringing out the depth of the colors in all of the areas. Even the work on the uniform jumps out at me in a way that's hard to overlook.

I think all of your Sailor Sun pieces have so far been an interesting way to witness your progression as an artist, and this one clearly shows that you've grown more confident in your skills. Even so, I see this as something of a beginning for you. Getting to watch much of this develop showed me something encouraging about the way you work, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you continue to push yourself. Great work and best of luck in the contest. :)
mishihime Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone is wondering, the purple floor thing is actually what the inter-dimensional space room would look like (if you could see it) Yes, my senshi is literally standing on top of an invisible floating cube in the middle of the sky. Someone could see her but she doesn't care. Sailor V's antics gets her on the news all the time!
NikolaiMcFist Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm really beginning to dig your work. You're finding a nice balance between realism and shoujo, and it's working out really well. The light colors, the painted sort of 'airy' look, it really makes for a bright, beautiful piece. It's an amazing thing to see another artist go through such a change as you have, and I'm glad I've been here to witness some of it. I hope you continue to push yourself and make some amazing things, Mishi. :)
mishihime Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Aaron. :3

This piece turned out kind of differently than I had hoped. I wanted it to be more anime cel shadedy but for some reason my hands insist on painting. lol. It's also a bit darker than I wanted but I think it gives it a sense of drama, yea..

You've changed a lot too. I still remember um chaotic world? or something like that? Oh boy I remember your old comics and now look at you now, publishin' books and stuff. %_% One day they are gonna look at you like you're a regular McFarlane.
NikolaiMcFist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Of course!

Haha, well, I think what you've got going fits really well. Sometimes even if it's not what you intended, those little mistakes end up going a long way~

Oh boy. Yeah, if you remember Chaotic World then that's my start. That's what I consider my first comic (the other ones were just like..whatevs) but heh. That was so long ago. And hey, ya never know! I'm merely working on improving at the moment. One can only hope to aspire to be as loved/looked up to as someone like McFarlane.
White-Rosie Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
She's very pretty! I wish you the best of luck~!
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